Tuesday, 20 December 2011

I love Man O Wars

Still cant get over how good these guys are. I was nearly not going to buy the battle box cause I thought they were pox. I now have all 3 types and am working on getting all the solos as well.

Anyway another quick update

Forgot the pic. Here tis.
Left the shoulder pads at home so they will get done next trip out here.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

A Quick Update

The bodies of the MOW are near done. A few bits to clean up and some battle damage (which may have to wait) . They look a little drab at the moment so I will put a splash of red in there somewhere as well. Next is finish weapon and shields which just need a bit more highlighting. Also the cod pieces need t be glued on as well..

More soon

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Cancon here I come

Been awhile since an update but I have been slowly progressing My Khador army for both Cancon and the BBBB. I have had a bit of success with Sorscha of late wining 8 of my last 10 games. Its a one hit wonder but so far the caster snipe is working for me.

Along with my new found respect for Sorscha is a growing respect for the resiliance of the MOW's so I went out and bought Drahken and added him to my army as well. I now have enough bits to field all 3 types of MOW units as well as 2 solos.

Anyway I decide to go to Cancon next year.

What is Cancon?

Cancon is a game convention runs in Australia’s capital City “Canberra” organised by the Canberra Games Society, it’s been around for ever!

I usually go to Dogcon in Sydney (Well Ive been twice) but the last couple of years the numbers have been down and Cancon is currently the premier event. It runs Friday 27th – Sunday 29th - This is the Australia Day weekend.

There are two events during the weekend for Warmachine/Hordes

25 Point Highlander – One day event

50 Point Steamroller – One Day event

In order to keep my painting time down I will be taking a core army for both events

Highlander list will be as follows.
  Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff                       5
      Juggernaut                                    7
      Destroyer                                     9
  Man-o-War Shocktroopers (Leader and 4 troops)     9
  Man-o-War Drakhun (+Dismount)                     5
  Points:                                       25/25

Steam roller as follows
  Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff                       5
      Torch                                        11
      Juggernaut                                    7
      Destroyer                                     9
  War Dog                                           1
  Battle Mechaniks (Leader and 5)                   3
  Man-o-War Shocktroopers (Leader and 4)            9
  Man-o-War Drakhun (+Dismount)                     5
  Winter Guard Infantry (Leader and 9)              6
      Winter Guard Infantry Officer and Std Bearer  2
  Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich                          2
  Points:                                       50/50

Not sure about the points for this as I thought it was 3 points for 4 mechs but seems I get 6 for 3 points online.
So I have alot of minis to paint still.

Base colors for the Man O war unit. I was originally going to magnetise the weapons but now I can field all 3 types.
Wips of the shield. The colors dont really show up well with this camera. Maybe I need a better light source.

This is the unmounted Drahkun. Picture is bad but the base color is Khaki and grey.

This is Drahkuns horse. Still have the head to go and also put him on the bigger base. I havent really decided on basing yet but it will be some sort of urbin base job.

Hopefully more to come this weeks