Thursday, 14 March 2013

15pt Pirate List

Ive finally finished my 15 point army for the Kooinda Gaming Klub Slow growth leaugue

Heres a pic of the Army.

Not a great pic but you can get the idea.

Im using Phinneas Shae and even at 15pts I get to tier 3.

Heres my list
System: Warmachine
Faction: Shae - A Pirate's Life
Points: 15/15
Tiers: 3
Captain Phinneus Shae (*6pts)
* Freebooter (6pts)
* Commodore Cannon & Crew (Commodore and 3 Crewmen) (4pts)
Sea Dog Crew (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
* Mr. Walls Sea Dog Crew Quartermaster (2pts)
Bosun Grogspar (1pts)
Doc Killingsworth (1pts)
First Mate Hawk (1pts)
Lord Rockbottom (1pts)

I've used this list a few times now with differing results but I really like the way it plays. The first KGK slow growth tournie is this weekend so Im hoping to have some success with them.

My freebooter.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Progress on my pirates

So in a week and a half we have our first tourny for our slow growth league see this link <<KGK Slow growth league>>

I thought I had a fair bit painted but in reality most of it wasnt for the 15 points I will be playing. Also none of them were based.

So left to paint was Captain Phinneas Shae, First mate hawk, a freebooter and the commodore. Im going to use some press gangers as crew till I can convert some up for it.

SO I still have Hawk to paint and several bases to go but heres a quick look at the bases so far. Pics arent the greatest but they'll do till I can get some better group shots.

Only 10 bases left to make and 1 mini to paint.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Post Cancon rant

Its been awhile since I posted.

I survived yet another cancon but not completely unscathed. My first day there was just a look around. It was good to have some time to check the site out. Got into a few demo games one of which I will probably buy. Eddie and I checked out Dreadball. I love the mechanics of it. Very well thought out. The biggest problem was they weren't selling it at cancon so I couldn't get my hands on a copy. I have tried to get it online but there doesnt seem to be any copies anywhere.

Day 2 at cancon was warmachine. I lost 4 straight games due to my army being unable to play scenerios. I wont be taking Khador to tournies anymore. Half way throught my second game I get a call from my son. A tree had fallen down in a storm. He sent this pic.

So that put a downer on my trip but I didnt let it upset the weekend.

So Monday was SAGA. We played 3 rounds with 9 players. I managed to win my second game so I dont have to take up gardening.

I played Jomsvikings which require me to have wrath in order to use my abilities. In the first game my opponent didnt allow me to build up any wrath so I lost this game 17 to 16. A close one. I could have played for a draw but I didnt get dressed up for nothing.

My second game was against Vikings. He had Beserkers. I managed to get rid of them by charging the Warlord with my warlord and with my special abilities and his atacks I got 12 hits on the warlord. He had to sacrifice his beserkers and managed to save the other 7 hits. He did this 3 times all up so I should have checked his dice. Anyway I won this game 21 - 19

The third game was against the Skralings. American indians. It was an escort mission. I had to escort a cart. I missed by an inch getting the bonus point as I was 13 inched from the table edge at games end. I lost 21 - 19 so another close game.

We left that night to go back to Brissy and stayed overnight at some numpty town.

The next day we took of and the main road was flooded so I had to take a back road. It was also flooded but I decided to let the Kia prove itself. It seems the Kia is half boat as a few times we had water coming in under the doors. Here are a few pics of the flooding.

SO eventually after braving flooded roads and fallen trees we get home only for me to spent the last 2 weeks cutting down trees and fixing fences. I will put up a pic of how my yard looks now it looks ike a war zone.

Anyway next post I will put up some terrain that I have been building lately. I am thinking of building terrain to order but we will see how that goes.


Friday, 4 January 2013

SAGA Army for CANCON 2013

I mentioned before that I am entering the SAGA event at CANCON 2013. Here is a few pics of my army.

This is just a paint and wash job but I thought it would be nteresting for the uninitiated to see how big a SAGA army is.

What you will see here is my warlord (I hope to replace him with a better mini later) and 3 points of warrior armed with hand weapon and shield. What you dont see here is the 4 points of Hearth gurd (4 per unit so 16 total)

One unit of warriors. I tried a bit of free hand on the shields. Its a bit ordinary but better than nothing.

Another unit. I will mix the freehand shields in with the plain ones so the units look a bit more interesting.

Last unit of warriors. Not sure what the freehand is on the lhs one. It was supposed to be a bore but went a bit awry.

Here is the lord. He's a bit ordinary I know so I wont even name hime. I have a better one but I need to pick it up and paint it so he will do tillthat happens.

Anyway I will post more on the games I play and do a full write up on CANCON as well as my thoughts n the game as I play more games.


Wednesday, 2 January 2013


After the debarkle of CANCON 2012 I didnt think I would go to 2013 but curiosity won me over and I will be going again. This time I will be driving down so I can take advantage of the sales on the last day (kicking myself for not buying dread flet for $80)

So I wont be entering in any 3 day events the plans for the week end are to leave about 8pm thursday night to make it to Canberra about lunch time friday. Book into hotel then go sight seeing. Then Saturday the CON starts and I have no events to go to.

So leisurely travel to CON site about 10ish after the hordes have disippated then I can cruise about and try a few demo games and scope out potential buys for the weekend.

Sunday I am entered into the Warmachine/Hordes make mine a double tourney. 1 day 5 games 50 pts. My double partner is Eddie and he will have his work cut out winning enough games to make our team competitive cause lets face it I suck at warmachine. This will be my last tourney with Khador as I hope to have my pirate ready for the next one.

The caster I will be taking is the Butcher. He is a beast and I love how much punishment he can take and dish out. As Im a simple player my plans are simple. I have 3 units of 3 of each type of Man o War to act as a scum to deliver the butcher to the other caster and kill him. This is hit and miss as everyone will have a way to deal with this but the list is fairly forgiving and the MOW are tough enough to take a bit of a biffing.

On Monday I have entered the SAGA tournament. This will be a 6pt 3 game event. I am new to SAGA having played a hand full of games but I really like the simplicity of it. As I have stated to one and all if I cant do well at this game I will quit all board games and take up gardening and I hate gardening.

The thing I love about this game is it really comes down to you vs another general. Army selection really doesnt come into it. As with most systems there are many things I like and many things I dont. The main gripe with this system is it is expensive. The books are well written and simple but for what you get a 50 page book and 4 battle boards for $60 it is too expensive. As are the expansions which are a 20 page book and two battle boards for $25 - 30. Also the Dice are rediculous at $25 for a set of 8. Luckily you can sub normal 6 sided dice for them.

Still for a table top battle game the buy in isnt too bad. For under $200 you can get the book, set of dice and a full army.

Things I love about this game is the battle boards. You get limited dice based on your army selection and you use these dice to carry out certain tasks. Do you attack straight away exhausting your elite warriors or do you go on the defensive. I love the way this plays out.

So I chose the Jomsvikings as my first forray into SAGA. Something about the rage tokens just speaks to me (Angri anyone). I have a 7 point army almost painted.

I'll keep you all posted and drop in some pics once I get them.


Friday, 17 August 2012

A Couple of finished minis

Ive nearly finished the yella team and the Grots. I'll post a few guys now but the rest can wait till I do the bases.

So here is Grotsmasha

The Boss Grot Cpt Squig Snotto (Name to be changed)

One of the spannas

The next one is the boy with the magnet arm.

And a couple of grots
I want to make my own bases close to the original GoMo bases so I can fit more grots on the cuttas.
Next project is to build a trukk for the yellow team. I thinking big ute or some CAT machine.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Yellow team

As I said in the previous post I will be doing 4 GoMo mobs. The Grots (Green) Morkas (Yellow) Gorkas(Red and with bikes) and Diggas (Blue) If I do a fifth team it will be muties and they will be orange I guess.

So here are the few guys Ive started.

The Nob. Grotbasha the 2nd (The first one died damn low roll on the recovery chart)

Next up a couple of Spannas and a boy

Ive had a few boy get arm replacements. rather than modelling them permanently I decided to magnatise them so they can also be used as normal boys in later games.
With power claw

Cutta Arm
With Cutta.

I will do a range of mods as I also have a yoof with a shoota arm.

I hope to have these guys finished in a few days.