Friday, 4 January 2013

SAGA Army for CANCON 2013

I mentioned before that I am entering the SAGA event at CANCON 2013. Here is a few pics of my army.

This is just a paint and wash job but I thought it would be nteresting for the uninitiated to see how big a SAGA army is.

What you will see here is my warlord (I hope to replace him with a better mini later) and 3 points of warrior armed with hand weapon and shield. What you dont see here is the 4 points of Hearth gurd (4 per unit so 16 total)

One unit of warriors. I tried a bit of free hand on the shields. Its a bit ordinary but better than nothing.

Another unit. I will mix the freehand shields in with the plain ones so the units look a bit more interesting.

Last unit of warriors. Not sure what the freehand is on the lhs one. It was supposed to be a bore but went a bit awry.

Here is the lord. He's a bit ordinary I know so I wont even name hime. I have a better one but I need to pick it up and paint it so he will do tillthat happens.

Anyway I will post more on the games I play and do a full write up on CANCON as well as my thoughts n the game as I play more games.


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