Sunday, 8 January 2012

50pts painted now to basing

Still not sure about the bases for this army. I want an urban base theme but how to do it alludes me atm.

Anyway I have painted a full 50pts now. The winter gaurd need some prettying up, like faces finished but they are good enough to take to a tourney now. I will do alittle more work on them as time permits. Ive also done a quick paint job on torch (Not my torch I will build a heavily modded version if he palys well) Also a couple of mechanics are near done as well. Once again a few small details to finish but good enough for now.

Winter gaurd with Yoseph. I left a few at home but a unit of 10 with command are done.

The worst thing about digital cameras is they show up mistakes I cant see with my own eyes. I will do alittle more work on the faces tho.

My version of torch. Needs some battle damage and more highlifhgts and shading but he willdo the job for now.

I hope to do some basing this week so stay tuned.

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