Monday, 16 July 2012

Back with some new Stuff.

So Cancon didnt go so well. Lost 7 straight games so decided not to play the last day. So I havent really done much to my Khador army. Painted a butcher and 3 MOW bombardiers Ill load some pics if I can find them.

Anyway been palying with a few things like scenery etc but of late I have become interested in GorkaMorka.

So I have a few wips Ill load up and some house rules I'll post


GorkaMorka Wips

Boss bike

Std Mod of a ABR Kopta. Im going to use the skid idea as the theme for one of the GoMo mobs as you can see in the Trukk and Trak

Trukk: GrotSquisha

Trak: GrotSmasha

And just for fun and as a practice for my upcoming warmachine army I am making a Large Clippa for a Grot Mob. Can you guess which warmachine army Im going.
More later. I have a few boize painted. Im trying a wash painting aproach to see how that works.


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