Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Big Lugga update

Doing a few bits for the big lugga. Ive been working on the Forcastle (Focsal) I will magnetise the splater gun in case I change my mind and put a twin linked in there. Also as its so big I might even use it as a trukk one day.

The Focsal. I will put some scrap metal to protect the grots and make it look more Goblinie.
Im planning on a figure head as well just not sure what yet. Maybe a tied up orc.

A few pics of the Splatter gun. It actually woks. Im going to magnatise it once im finished building it.

I have a few squigs laying around so I might have a grot trying to load one in. I also want to make a trigger devise for it so I can load it and use it during the game.

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