Thursday, 19 July 2012

Size creep Arrrggg

Size creep sux. Whether your sculting or whether your scratch building a big lugga.

 Now Big is a relative term and in the form of Lugga it just means bigga than a cutta. Well in this case my big lugga has become twice the size of an oversized Ork trukk. So I decided to remove some bits to bring it back to scale. Its still huge but with a 20% reduction it doesnt look too silly now.

Rather than add a new post I'll just put an update in here. This has been interesting. From a simple lugga its got bigger than ben hur. As I hope to build a much more intricate one for my Warmachine faction I will definitely plan that one much better.

So my big lugga is mostly done now. Just need railings on the Aft deck and a railing in the middle then hide all the holes. Then it needs some skids and a steering system and then just decos that I will do as I play.

Also need a big propella here to drive the boat. I have a spare set of Kopta blades that I will use for that. Also need to finish the window frame.

1 comment:

  1. Big Luggas seem to be very susceptible to size creep. Mine ended up huge as well despite my efforts to control it.

    I like the plating on the hull, by the way.