Monday, 16 July 2012

A few GorkaMorka House rules by Ogrebane

Ive been trolling the web for additional rules for GorkaMorka (Why we are never happy with the original rules I'll never know but like the engineers say if it aint broke it needs more features).

I compiled a heap of them into one document which I wont put here I'll leave a link for you to follow and have a look. Anyway Eddie wanted to run a Battle wagon as he had built one for 40k so that sparked my initial search as well as the fact I had bought a heap of orks and had 9 Koptas to do something with. A few I will convert to bikes but I would also like to have a Kopta in GoMo. So here are the rules for that I can up with as well as a few others I put together.


Heres a Link to Mek Town. A lot of good stuff here.
 He also has links to other sites but most of them dont work.        <<<< Mek Town >>>>

Koptas and Wokkas :                                                                <Kotas and Wokkas link>

Painboyz:                                                                                          Still working on it


  1. Battlewagons kinda break GoMo because of their thick armour. I actually wrote a post about it.

    1. It seems the CSS of this page doesn't make the link in my comment that obvious. Oops!


  2. Thanks for the link. I have found this problem with one of our players trukk that has two armour upgrades. If we use the Battlewagon I would up the points to 50 or so. If we use house rules the concesus will be if it breaks the game its out.

  3. So essentially it'd only be available at the start of the campaign?

    Or do you just play one-off games?

  4. No you could buy one at any time. Im not sure I would use the rules for BW as you say they are way over powered. We have only just started playing GoMo so we havent even used any house rules yet as we are still trying to get used to the actual rules. I will take your article under advisement tho as I can see the abuse of a battle wagon making it near impossible to take out anyone on it.

    1. I meant that because teef and points are not analogous 50 teef would be, under normal circumstances, way more teef than anyone would be likely to save up. It'd be possible, certainly, just unlikely. At the start of a campaign one has 100 teef to spend and so it would be within reach then.

      Of course you could have someone like we do, Depiff, who never really spends teef because he struggles to make decisions and so ends up with more money than he knows what to do with.