Sunday, 22 July 2012

Big Lugga build nearly finished

Just few small things to add to this and Im done. A figure head (I might wait till I have a game and see if I capture and ork or something). Stearing wheel and port holes and some rope and nettings. I also want trophies hanging of it but will do that after painting. The color scheme for this one will be like my khador minis. I like the idea of cam green with red stars.

Anyway here tis for now.

As you will probably guess this this is pretty big. Much bigger than the trak Im building. I can probably use it as a trukk if I needed a spare one. I intend to build 4 mobs in total.

The other side. You may not make it out but there are two holes in the front for rope to attach to the front skids for steering.
Old Kopta blades for the egine. I was going to make a working motor but as the body is foam I decided a hot motor sitting inside foam might be a very bad idea.
A pick of the poop deck. Just needs a steering wheel and its done. Also you can see the door leading to the engine room.
So my next post for this guy will be in a few days maybe a week when I hope to have paint on it.

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