Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Grot Mob

As I'm back at work now I decided to work on the mobs. So I wont get any paint on the Cuttas till I get back home.

Im going for the pirate theme for the Grots to fit in with the boats. I will do up about 20ish Grots including 5 snots as I seem to go through them pretty quick. I will probably just leave them fairly generic with minimal mods. I think I will build a card for each grot with all his stat much like warmachine.

So here is the crew so far.

The Captain. I think I'll call him Cpt Squid Beard but then I'd have to sculpt a beard (As you can see my sculting isnt that good) So I will leave him unnammed at the moment.
Im thinking of also giving him a Squig Parrot.

Next up is the Banna Wava. He'll get the same treatment as the Capt.

Here are a few of the crew. They will also get a bit more pirate stuff sculpted to them.

And a few Snots. These were like 2nd edition metals. Ive replaced the heads but need to do a bit of work to blend them in.
I should have them done in a day or two and then to get paint on them. I want to do a total of 4 mobs so they will be red yellow blue and green. The Grots will be Kahki with red trim so they are basically my Green team. The current ork mob are yellow. Im trying to do the paint jobs quickly so they will mostly be painted with washes.

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