Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Cutta and Lugga

I got myself one of those hole punches I see alot of people with to use as a rivet maker. So I went to town with it making the two Cuttas I will need. Here are a couple of bad pics of them. No wips as I was too busy to take any

The two of them together. They can hold 6 but 4 fit comfortably.
I think the mast is too big so I might swap it out. Not sure what to make the saile out of. Maybe light cloth.

I have made all the moving bits work so the boom will swing around and the steering turns a rear skid.
You mught see the bits on the boom and floor. Not sure what they are called but I will add ropes to it so I can make the boom move. I will also have ropes for the sails as well so they can be raised or lowered
 The mast is damaged to reflect the damage done on the last game I have. Damn Mutie guns take em out every time.

The big lugga with a bit of paint on it. Going for a russian type look so Kaki and red.

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